The Mission 4 S. A. Page:


Spreading Awareness the Mission Statement

Choose your favorite causes and awareness learn more about them, educate yourself about them, donate to them and spread them. This page it an Awareness Spreader. Keep donating and spreading.

This Page is not only to spread awareness of several different causes that are already established but, also to become more educated, and erase stigma.

Hi I’m the Admin of Spreading Awareness, My name is Charity Schmidt and I encourage anyone to blog and write on my Blog page for Spreading Awareness

Ask questions get answers and even make new positive connections and networks with those that have loved ones dealing the same thing that you are or vice verse. We all need to uplifted and regain our confidence in our own lives as well as in life in general and I believe wholehearted that this Page and Blog can bring forth new avenues of rehabilitation is each one everyone of our lives. Keep Spreading the Awareness!

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