SCARS- are given for a reason each scar has a story inside of it and along with it, as it festers and bleeds and heals and gets ripped open again and again.The pain that goes along with it is felt through our souls that tells a story. Just like a medical examiner after we have deceased the autopsy spells out the reason and the causes of death and life. We all have a story to tell in our hearts, souls and body and spirit. We might not know the full story of everything that has happened to us but, trust and believe that the MAKER and CREATOR does know He knows all things and how they happened and how things like our SCARS still remain.

About Charity Naylor Schmidt

38 year old mother of two beautiful children, owner of an online business SFI Affiliate (Triple Clicks), and trying to live out loud about mental awareness and other mental, emotional, and physical awareness. And I choose to Dedicate both of these sites to My God and King, to Lord of lords and My Heavenly Father and Maker.
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