Fighters fight for a reason, we Fight against sickness, we Fight against Lies, (about lies Our beliefs, lies about Ourselves, and lies about those that we Love and Believe in), we Fight for what we think Freedom and Peace really is. As we fight we grow, As we grow we change, we become an inspiration to others that need encouragement to Fight. Keep Persevering, Keep Enduring.

You are a Blessing to others.
Let your life speak out loud to encourage, to inspire, and to show others there is Hope and Healing on the other side of all the pain, sorrow, and darkness.


About Charity Naylor Schmidt

38 year old mother of two beautiful children, owner of an online business SFI Affiliate (Triple Clicks), and trying to live out loud about mental awareness and other mental, emotional, and physical awareness. And I choose to Dedicate both of these sites to My God and King, to Lord of lords and My Heavenly Father and Maker.
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