My hearing for SSD and SSI is today!

So, I have my hearing for SSD and SSI today at 11:30 in Harrisburg, PA. I’m anxious and I have been Anxious for a while anyway. I just had a med change and I am hoping that that med change gets my body back into balance. I have been in and out of Psychiatric Facilities since 2009 and Have been on psych meds from 2001 on. I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety in 2000 and I have been in doctor’s offices and on various cocktails of different meds since then. I have been through so much abuse and hurt in my life that I have just became almost reliable on those meds. i try to use my personal medicine and my coping skills that keep my mind and brain busy on other things rather then my old hurts and flash backs and PTSD. So wish me that best and I thank you for reading my blogs.


Charity Schmidt

About Charity Naylor Schmidt

38 year old mother of two beautiful children, owner of an online business SFI Affiliate (Triple Clicks), and trying to live out loud about mental awareness and other mental, emotional, and physical awareness. And I choose to Dedicate both of these sites to My God and King, to Lord of lords and My Heavenly Father and Maker.
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