And the lessons learned are!

So, mixing date rape drugs, stress, brain damage, and psych meds. and over the counter meds. don’t make a good combo. Hypnosis doesn’t work on brain dead people either. And trying to cover up all those issues is not happening anymore. Be Real or NOT AT ALL! I don’t recommend putting tracking devices into dead people either. Oh, and um stop mocking MY LORD and SAVIOR for your Evil Pleasures!!!!!!!!! I’m Retired, No longer living for the Evil ones Evil Pleasures, NO LONGER and NEVER AGAIN FOR ALL ETERNITY!

About Charity Naylor Schmidt

38 year old mother of two beautiful children, owner of an online business SFI Affiliate (Triple Clicks), and trying to live out loud about mental awareness and other mental, emotional, and physical awareness. And I choose to Dedicate both of these sites to My God and King, to Lord of lords and My Heavenly Father and Maker.
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