So, I have been in A relationship with another bi-polar individual and……..

He also has ADHD. Oi, sometimes he pisses me off beyond control and other times he is a sweet teddy bear. We are trying to keep communicating about our feelings with each other. It is definitely tough. I think he also could use a med. change but, I’m no Doctor and I just can’t tell him what to do. I have told him that I think he needs a new meds. added to his regiment or a switch with a different med. He is a great guy I love him a lot. He does a lot for me and he is a hard worker. And I love that about him. Anyway i just thought I would blog my thoughts today to see if there are others out there dealing with anything along the lines that I have been dealing with. Responses to this blog would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

About Charity Naylor Schmidt

38 year old mother of two beautiful children, owner of an online business SFI Affiliate (Triple Clicks), and trying to live out loud about mental awareness and other mental, emotional, and physical awareness. And I choose to Dedicate both of these sites to My God and King, to Lord of lords and My Heavenly Father and Maker.
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